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Legg Up Weekly Challenges

It’s time to LEGG up and become the strongest version of yourself! 

We all share a commonality of uncertainty, pain, and fear as we navigate this new, hopefully temporary, norm of self-isolating. Many of us are confined to our homes, deprived of face-to-face human interaction and stripped of our day-to-day simplicities that now feel like luxuries. 


We have to accept our current reality as we do our responsible part to reduce the spread of COVID-19 to not only protect ourselves but for others! 


Just because you have more free time, that doesn’t mean you should fill that void in your life with bad habits. It’s actually the opposite. This is the golden time to create new positive habits. Healthy habits that will be with you when this is all over. 

So get off your couch, stop the pity party, stop watching and eating your days away and control what you can when there’s so much you can’t. 

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Below you will find 30-days of content to follow along with and challenge yourself to Legg Up in life. 

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Day One
Batch out your schedule! What do you want to accomplish during the day? Mapping this out will help you stay motivated.
Day Two
Create your workout routine. Make time for 30 minutes per day to move your body, whether it’s a walk or run outside, finding an open space in your house for home yoga, HIIT session, etc. Also stretch!
Day Three
Plan your meals. This will help prevent you from eating all the snacks in your kitchen. Explore healthy recipes. Utilize online resources like Pinterest for inspiration.
Day Four
Set your water schedule
Day Five
Prioritize self care to reduce stress and to remain in the present moment
Day Six
Create your workspace. A nice space dedicated to productivity will keep you motivated. Sit by a window for natural light and fresh air. Don’t work on the couch as it allows you to be too comfortable. Sit up straight to engage that core.
Day Seven
Maintain relationships dear to you; communicate, FaceTime, listen, don’t do it alone.
Day Eight
Set a timer for 10 minutes at the end of your day to tidy up your space. Clean surroundings reduces stress, creates a sense of ease and allows you to start the next day off less stressful because things are tidy.
Day Nine
Stay on a sleep routine. Healthy sleep helps you maintain a healthy immune system. Make it a priority to stock up on energy for the next day.
Day Ten
Put yourself together a few times a week. Make sure you’re still grooming, getting ready and just taking care of yourself. This includes taking care of your skin too. When you feel good, you act good.
Day Eleven
Reduce alcohol/caffeine intake! Just because your home all day doesn’t mean it’s an unlimited drink day. Set your quantities, know your limits, follow them. Too much caffeine can affect your night’s sleep and too much alcohol adds up those calories, causes you to lose inhibitions and activites the munchies. Everything in moderation.
Day Twelve
Look at 2020 as a whole. What do you want to accomplish this year? Write it down. Be a dreamer!
Day Thirteen
Education! Plan to learn something new.
Day Fourteen
Posture. Are you sitting up straight while working from home?
Day Fifteen
Should you take a day off while in quarantine?
Day Sixteen
Reading is essential!
Day Seventeen
Stretch. You are not stretching enough!
Day Eighteen
Spring cleaning
Day Nineteen
Time to take your old photos and digitize them. Clean out your hard drive. Phone screen organization. Home screen organization.
Day Twenty
Know your love languages.
Day Twenty-One
Write a list of all the positive habits you've been doing during quarantine that you want to continue doing when self isolation is over.
Day Twenty-Two
Managing anxiety with Dr. Christopher Nahumck
PHD, MDIV, MSW, MA psychologist who helps people reconnect to
themselves and others in order to rediscover their authentic selves and live a positive and abundant life.
Day Twenty-Three
Setting daily intentions and positive self affirmations.
Day Twenty-Four
Manifest 2020 with Malorie Avaline, transformation host and speaker. Hosts a podcast called The Avaline Collective. She encourages people to stand in your truth.
Day Twenty-Five
Music therapy with Lauren Mayhew @lolomayhew singer, DJ, and 100K followers on Instagram. Spotify playlist: Friday Night Jams!
Day Twenty-Six
Keeping impulsive buying in check
Day Twenty-Seven
Stuck inside? MOVE! That means moving during work days. Set a timer every hour, take a quick walk around your home. Jump up and down and laugh. Dance. Shake it out!
Day Twenty-Eight
Spend time in nature.
Day Twenty-Nine
The Align Method with author and social media influencer, Aaron Alexander.
Day Thirty
The challenge is over. Now what?
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And several other chances to win prizes during the Legg Up Challenge!