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Legg Up Weekly Challenges

It’s time to LEGG up and become the strongest version of yourself! 

We all share a commonality of uncertainty, pain, and fear as we navigate this new, hopefully temporary, norm of self-isolating. Many of us are confined to our homes, deprived of face-to-face human interaction and stripped of our day-to-day simplicities that now feel like luxuries. 


We have to accept our current reality as we do our responsible part to reduce the spread of COVID-19 to not only protect ourselves but for others! 


Just because you have more free time, that doesn’t mean you should fill that void in your life with bad habits. It’s actually the opposite. This is the golden time to create new positive habits. Healthy habits that will be with you when this is all over. 

So get off your couch, stop the pity party, stop watching and eating your days away and control what you can when there’s so much you can’t. 

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