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Hi, I'm Ashley Legg

I’m a passionate social butterfly who loves to connect with people, be girly, say what’s on my mind, chase my passions and perform. I’ve been that way since I was two-years-old when I’d play dress up and sing and dance to “Achy Breaky” heart for my family. My dream was to be a television star, my first love, which I accomplished before leaving behind my corporate job to become an entrepreneur


I consider myself a life artist, advocate for health, healer and motivator, helping people create the life they love through mindful eating, movement and passion for life. I'm the founder of Legg Day Fitness, coaching hundreds of people to their health/life goals. Formerly a news journalist for NBC affiliates across the country, I utilize my media skills to evolve my personal brand with a focus on human connection, I recently spoke on the TEDxOU stage about facing fears, vulnerability, building meaningful relationships and seizing opportunities. I truly can empathize with life’s struggle and continue to inspire people to take control of their mind and body to ultimately feel your best from the inside, out. Legg Day Fitness is based in New Jersey but reaches people worldwide.

I graduated from the University of Nevada Las Vegas with a degree in Broadcast Journalism & Media Studies and a minor in Theatre. In 2009 I was crowned Miss Las Vegas and competed at Miss Nevada, My platform was Suicide Prevention, having hosted annual walks to raise awareness and to offer support to people who have suffered the loss of a loved one. I have always been an advocate for spreading love, hope and awareness.


My continued passion for life has evolved from many of life's trials. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for three years now and have suffered three miscarriages along the way. I openly share my fertility journey to spread hope to women and families out there trying to conceive. I now help the incredibly #StrongAndCourageous woman trying to get pregnant, create a self care plan so that they can do everything possible in their control to conceive without feeling lost, scared or like they're alone.

Through my pain and heartbreak, I have found resiliency and hope. Hope that I know pass along to her community. That through adversity, you can survive and come out mentally & physically stronger. That truly being healthy comes from the inside, out. That’s why I do what I do, to create lasting impact and to help people understand that our one superpower is our health and we have the opportunity strengthen that.


I currently live in New Jersey with my hubby and two dogs. While I continue life as an entrepreneur, my hubs works in sales,  We hope to welcome our little Legg soon!



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