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Insecurities limit, break or motivate you. If you want results, embrace them and fight

My name is Rachel Henry and I've been a proud Legg Day Fitness client for more than a year now. Through guidance and action, I managed to lose 50 pounds in 2017. This is a look into my personal wellness journey.

They say it takes determination, consistency, hard work and persistence to lose weight and get fit, and I have learned how true that is this year. In the past, I tried so many times to lose weight and failed. I could never get past the first two weeks of a new diet or exercise program. Just before January 1, 2017, I hit Ashley up for help. With her help and holding me accountable every step of the way, not only was I able to stick to the program she developed just for me, I was finally able to start losing some serious weight, 50 pounds in one year!! I never thought that was possible.  So many times I wanted to quit, but Ashley was always right there beside me pushing me because she knew I had it in me. No matter how many times I changed my goals, she was there with a new plan of action. Not only do I feel great, I have more confidence than I've ever had before.

It's not easy though. There are lots and ups and lots of down and I realized this is a lifestyle change more than anything, because once I start to slack, it's easy to fall back into old habits. A friend and I were talking about taking progress pictures and it got me thinking about my journey. A 50 pound loss is a big difference when you look at the comparisons.

I have to admit, I have put some of that weight back on this past month and need to refocus and get back into gear. These pics are for my motivation! I am my own motivation. I mean, look at that back! Where did that come from? My body has more of an hour glass shape now.

The black swimsuit is the only one out of the three I feel comfortable enough wearing in public. The grey one is my sunbathing suit for the backyard. The floral one is way out of my comfort zone, but I am determined to feel comfortable wearing it at the beach this summer. That's my goal.

We all have our insecurities, mine are my stomach and thighs. I wish they were a bit toner. Something else that never use to bother me, but has started to lately is my scar. With the weight loss, it seems to pull the skin weirdly.  Lastly is that tiger striping, a result from being overweight and being pregnant three times.

We all have those things we don't like about ourselves. We tend to pick our ourselves apart with insecurities most people would never notice. It's self-sabotage. If you truly want something changed, you need to work hard for it, not just half ass put in the effort. You have to fight. I've also learned for the things that cannot be changed, I embrace them. They are what make you unique. Rather than zoning in on my flaws, I'm celebrating my successes and setting even more goals for myself for 2018.  

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