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One-Year-Old Birthday: Park Ranger National Parks Theme

I can't believe I have a one-year-old. Where does the time go? This first year of my child's life flew by and my heart is aching. My sweet boy, I love you. I miss you so much as a newborn, but I

I'm savoring every moment with you as grow up. These moments are critical and crucial. I love you so much.

My son is named Ranger so it was fitting to have a National Parks theme. It was a hit and so perfect for our strong, outdoorsy wild boy AKA Junior Park Ranger. Ranger had such a blast with his family and friends celebrating his 1st birthday!

My husband, Ranger's Dad, built this awesome light up sign that we used as our backdrop. Originally I wanted the life size marquee letters, but after getting a quote for $600 we axed that idea and my hubby got creative. He picked up a wood palette from a friend, order block letters from Amazon that spelled "PARK" and we utilized our neon name sign we already had in our son's bedroom to add the finishing touches. It couldn't have worked out more perfect and was cost effective and resourceful.

We had Eyes of the Wild come which rescues animals and offers personal experiences with earth's amazing wildlife. These animals live on a 21 acre farm in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. We selected a certain amount of animals based on the price quote. It was so reasonable and worth every penny. Then, based on the animals temperament of the day, the animal handlers may be able to bring the animals requested or they may have to change options in a pinch. We got to see an Arctic Fox, Chinchilla, Sugar Glider and a Wallaby, which is by far the craziest animal I have seen yet! Wallaby mommy had her baby in her pouch. It was WILD! The presentation was funny and educational. This experience was a hit for the kids and the adults. Highly recommend.

As far as food and presentation, we did our best to fit the theme. My mom AKA Ranger's GiGi put together the most ELABORATE charcuterie board across our entire kitchen island. We laid down brown paper across our bar, stocked up on meats, cheese, fruit, crackers and mixed nuts from Costco. Then added some specialty cheeses to the mix from a local nearby farm plus homemade jam from my Mother-in-law and decorated the board with fresh herbs like thyme, rosemary and sage to give it a more woodsy vibe. It was an absolute hit and it was absolutely delicious. We also did sandwiches and chips!

Kids had fun snacks too, all themed. From campfire hotdogs/pigs in a blanket, to bear poop/dried craisins, to gone fishing/goldfish, to watch out for bears/gummies, juice boxes and sticker sheets with all outdoors animals to decorate.

We also had a hot cocoa bar with decadent hot chocolate that simmered in the crockpot for hours. Of course we provided lots of beverage choices from water, to soft drinks, to my favorite low sugar, low sulfates, no additives wine from Scout And Cellar, my mother is a rep for this clean crafted wine. Check out her website HERE.

Ranger loved his little smash cake and our guests enjoyed our camping site cake from Swiss Chalet Bakery in Morristown. We also had s’mores kits to go as our guest gifts.

Below are some of the things I ordered from decorations to party supplies.


Stickers as decor and gifts

Camping banners

Camping cake toppers

Park Ranger sign

Happy birthday Ranger sign

Activities & gifts:

Woodland animal photo booth props

Woodland animal sticker sheets for the kids

Party supplies:

Bamboo paper cups

Brown paper napkins

Stemless disposable wine glasses

Gold drinking cups

Disposable champagne flutes

For the theme:

Ranger's cute Park Ranger uniform onesie

Ranger's cute Park Ranger tee

Matching bandanas for family and friends

Dog bandana

Park Ranger hat

I love a good theme and honestly this one was just perfect. It definitely takes a village to throw a party like this. Between myself, my husband and my mom, we held down the fort and made it happen. It was so nice to show our family and friends our new home and land too. What a day. Pinch me. We are so blessed. Thanks to everyone for celebrated with us and I hope sharing our party planning inspires you for your next shindig!

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