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FITMAS Day 11: Do what makes you happy

Let’s start with some golden nuggets right off the bat.

Here are eight steps to live life on purpose.

  • Do what makes you happy

  • Do what makes you feel most alive

  • Do things that scream you

  • Set goals and prioritize them

  • Follow your passion

  • Create balance

  • Find your peace

  • Live in the moment

Life is short, our time is limited. Start putting yourself first NOW. Because when you do that, you're able to pour that deep and rooted love into others.

To feel good in all aspects in your life, it starts with how you treat yourself. To me that starts with self love, positive affirmations, mindful eating, movement, discipline AND passion for life. YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL. I'm fired up because I know it's possible.

You can CREATE the life you love on your terms. Everyday is a beautiful day to wake up, love life and be the best person you can be. So I encourage you to book a ticket somewhere, get dressed up and go out to dinner, don’t turn down that event, meet new people, smile a lot, laugh often and treasure those relationships!

It’s so important to fill your cup with things that make you happy, that way you can serve others with peace and joy! I know for me, I get true fulfillment planning trips and traveling to places unknown. It’s so fun to see new sites, experience culture, try new foods, embrace change. Traveling has become a part of my healthy lifestyle, applying the tools I have learned at home and in my comfort zone, to situations where I’m out of my element.  It’s all about making positive choices that support your goals. Of course I recommend letting loose sometimes too. Everything in moderation.

To wrap things up, make yourself a priority. Treat yourself right and do things that make your heart and soul happy! It’s not selfish, it’s necessary. 

Check out some of my traveling tips and trips below!


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