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Goodbye social media...

Just for a couple weeks, don't worry :) As my husband and I wait for our pregnancy test results, we have decided to take a social media break together for mental clarity, focus and quality time together.

First, I want to say THANK YOU again for all of you who have followed our journey. So many of you engage with my posts and privately message me offering hope, love, support and encouragement for our family. Baby Legg is already loved by so many and that really makes us happy.

I'm aware we have let you in on some of the most private and vulnerable parts of our lives and many of you are anxiously awaiting our results, as are we. While we have showed a lot, there are lots of other pieces of our lives we have kept private. Like the financial investment, the sacrifices, the stress on our marriage. All things we have faced head on and grown through.

That being said, our results are going to be life changing and will take some time for us to process, whether we become pregnant on try one, or are faced with the heartache of a failed cycle, potential loss and have to strategize next steps.

We are being cautiously optimistic to protect our hearts and mental health. We hope to come back with some great news but we will cross that bridge when we're ready. As of now, I desperately need this break as I’m physically and mentally drained. Our plan is to be back on social media the week of March 23rd.

In the meantime, I hope to read lots of books, do some de-cluttering and home organizing, dive deep into some neglected work projects, spend quality time with my husband and doggies and soak in these precious moments leading up to this point.

This is not goodbye forever, it's just see you soon. Forever grateful for our supporting and loving online community!! You have helped us stay strong throughout this entire journey. Now, let's make a baby.

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