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Trying to Conceive: My Why, My Purpose: My Why, My Purpose

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

our why has to be strong...

So it will make you work towards your goals, no matter what. No matter the struggle, no matter the setbacks, no matter the heartbreak.

As a striving mom-to-be, sometimes I wonder why I'm being tested so much. Why I've been put through infertility and miscarriages when all I want is to be a loving mother. I often find myself in major funks, questioning my why. But, it's in those darkest moments when I start to see the light and find clarity. I'm currently in rediscovery mode right now and while it's uncomfortable, it feels refreshing to see the upside. It's relieving, exciting, uncomfortable and exhilarating all at the same time. It's normal to go through seasons of your life, transitions. No matter what stage you're in, change is inevitable. I've learned through the waves of change, we discover direction.

I know my ultimate why is to be a mom one day, but my immediate why is to help people along the way, to guide people to their goals through nutrition and fitness programs, to help women navigate their pregnancy journey with confidence and ease and to educate people to be proactive with their health. To provide them life tools that will help elevate their lives. To feel confident inside & out. All positive actions that ultimately lead to a positive life.

That is my why, my purpose, my passion.

In the great words of Oprah Winfrey,"Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you."

Helping people lights a fire in me like no other. Human connection is everything. 

I recently hosted 5-day FREE Trying to Conceive: How to Lose Weight & Prime Your Body for Pregnancy challenge has been nothing short of #StrongAndCourageous & awesome =) So much action, BIG a-ha moments, and MASSIVE breakthroughs! Feeling like such a proud mama right now.

That challenge was a small part of a bigger purpose...

MORE in-depth knowledge, a STEP-BY-STEP TTC strategy, SHEER accountability, and EXPERT Support.

I created this program for many reasons, to empower women to take control of their health in fitness, nutrition, self care, & intimacy building strategies, all strategies that helped me go from…

>>YoYo dieting & over exercising to maintaining a healthy weight, taking control of my health & doing everything in MY POWER to have a successful TTC journey

>>Systematic sex to increasing intimacy in the bedroom (and actually enjoying it again, lol)

>> Eating for aesthetics to eating for optimal health to prime my body for pregnancy

>>Working out for optimal physique to exercising for a healthy heart, endorphins, stamina, strength & life longevity

>> Feeling alone and lost to realizing there’s a whole community and world out there to support me along this journey, and having the tools now to help other women feel empowered during their TTC time

There's no time for vague advice or CONCEPTS here. I have helped 200+ clients to optimal health through nutrition & fitness guidance, motivation, support & accountability.

My private coaching program is all about…SPECIFIC action steps to help you lose weight & prime your body for pregnancy in a way that feels incredible and non-restrictive.

Read some of my clients' testimonials:

“My name is Rachel and I've been a proud Legg Day Fitness client for more than a year now. Through guidance and action, I managed to lose 50 pounds. This is a look into my personal wellness journey. They say it takes determination, consistency, hard work and persistence to lose weight and get fit, and I have learned how true that is this year. In the past, I tried so many times to lose weight and failed. I could never get past the first two weeks of a new diet or exercise program. I hit Ashley up for help. With her help and holding me accountable every step of the way, not only was I able to stick to the program she developed just for me, I was finally able to start losing some serious weight, 50 pounds in one year!! I never thought that was possible.  So many times I wanted to quit, but Ashley was always right there beside me pushing me because she knew I had it in me. No matter how many times I changed my goals, she was there with a new plan of action. Not only do I feel great, I have more confidence than I've ever had before.”-Rachel

“Ashley is an awesome coach! While following her nutrition and fitness program I’ve lost 10lbs in 8 weeks! But even better than that, I feel strong and confident. I love that Ashley focuses on non scale victories in addition to weight loss. She is available every step of the way to answer questions and offer encouragement,”-Lauren.

“Ashley is the best! She is so sweet, her nutrition plans are sensible and she holds you accountable. I love the fact she is willing to change the plan if needed if it isn't fitting your body type. She’s amazing!!”-Sharita.

"Personally based nutrition and workouts, works on YOUR goals. Down to earth and gets life doesn't always go as planned~flip side, gets you right back on track! Positive ALL the time."-Katie

We drill deep in my wellness programs, creating an action plan (specifically for YOU and YOUR body), implementing tested and proven strategies and discussing how to lose weight & prime your body for pregnancy so you can control everything possible (because we know there are just so many factors we CAN’T control!)

If this resonated with you, I'd be happy to help you transform your mind & body! CLICK HERE to apply to my exclusive 1:1 coaching program.

Stay #StrongAndCourageous & Baby Dust To You!

Ash <3

P.S. Got any questions? I’m here to help! I'm just an email away:

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