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Welcome to the 2021 Fall Edition of Ashley Marie, my digital magazine

Fall is here and I absolutely love this season! There’s just something about the cool weather, changing colors and getting cozy in layers. Dress me up in a beanie, flannel and combat boots, sit me next to a blazing and crackling fire and hand me a warm beverage and I’m one happy camper.

Inside, you will find health and fitness tips, pumpkin spice recipes, Halloween inspiration, Fall trends, self love strategies and much much more. I also linked a lot of my favorite products you can click and shop. Just hover over a lot of the products and you will be


The point of this digital magazine is to inspire you throughout the seasons. To live life on purpose through personal expression, creating your safe space and making a commitment to your health and happiness. If there’s anything I hope you walk away from reading Ashley Marie, it’s to be grateful everyday for this life we’re given, to enjoy all moments small and big and to chase those things in life that make you effortlessly happy.

Enjoy loves <3 If you enjoy this content, I would love for you to help me spread the word about my magazine and share. As always thanks for the support. Happy reading and shopping!


A few housekeeping things:

1. Ashley Marie is better to view on your desktop for the full magazine feel

2. If you want to shop a product, hover over it, click and you will be redirected

3. Happy reading & happy shopping! You can expect more seasonal content coming like a Holiday gift guide next!

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