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5 tips to control mindless snacking

I am a snacker. Always have been. It is something I've had to work on to control to keep calories in check and to stay on track to my goals. So many people I’ve chatted with struggle with this too. Even more so throughout this pandemic as many people are at home all of the time, making it easier to just walk into your kitchen and mindlessly eat.

If you're in the same boat, hold on because I'm about to drop some value bombs on you! Here are my 5 tips to curb mindless snacking...

These are all game changers. One more thing. So call it 6. Try to determine if you're actually hungry or if you just want all the snacks. The majority of the time if you're eating throughout the day, you're just giving into temptations, so be stronger than those temptations. Hydrate, water fills you up! Or distract yourself, step outside and go for walk, do those house chores you've been putting off. Get out of the kitchen.

Now, if you suffer from a major sweet tooth like me, find ways to satisfy those cravings with healthier alternatives. You like nachos? Make sweet potato nachos and control toppings.

Like cookies? Search healthy cookie recipes on Pinterest or replace not so healthy ingredients like butter with alternatives like apple sauce or peanut butter.

Lastly, SURPRISE! Get my 4 ingredient cookie recipe below. These are a yummy treat right out of the oven or later on after being stored in an air tight container or in the fridge. SO DELICIOUS.

Hope these golden nuggets helped all you strong and beautiful humans! Enjoy.


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