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Trying to Conceive: 12 Tips to Navigating Your Pregnancy Road map

hat’s how I felt when my Husband and I first started trying to get pregnant. We understood the basics, but quickly realized we were going into the process naive, especially after one negative pregnancy test after another.

Nearly one year after trying, we got pregnant twice, but ended up losing both babies. So not only were we learning about the necessary steps to get pregnant, we had to learn how to recover mentally & physically from our losses while mustering up the courage to try to conceive again after miscarriage.

To be honest. The process doesn’t get any easier. You just become more aware and have more knowledge. It’s all about taking it one day at a time, learning to have hope, how to deal with the negative mindset & body image affects, learning to fight and to have patience.

Trying to Conceive Tip #1: Be aware of your ideal pregnancy timeline, when you want to start trying, when you ovulate, your fertile window.

Hurry up and wait.

That’s what the trying to conceive (TTC) journey is like. From blood work, to ultrasounds, to actual relations, it's a lot of "do this now" then "wait." And the waiting feels like forever, agonizing suspense, like boiling water anticipation, but longer. Much much longer. Months drag on while time flies by. It’s all very overwhelming & confusing. That’s life.

Those who are trying to get pregnant understand the month to month emotional rollercoaster.

The process In a nutshell:

Cycle-varies, but usually a week or so

Ovulation- varies but typically 10-14 days after the start of your cycle

Waiting game-2 weeks or so

Result-Oh please be positive

Trying to Conceive Tip #2: Understand the mental toll the TTC process can have, especially if you have struggled with infertility/miscarriages. Taking care of your mind is a huge part of the trying/healing process. 

The emotional toll:

Cycle-annoyed but hopeful, because we get another shot

Ovulation-it's go time

Waiting game-crazy hormonal woman who is happy, then sad, then hopeful, then doubtful, then motivated, depressed, excited, then angry, I could go on and on and on.

Result-Even whenever our positive happens and a big smile will be planted on our faces, we will still be protective and on edge until we know we're in the clear, given our #pregnancyloss history.

Entering the stage of life when you want to start a family is both scary and exhilarating. Looking back, I wish I understood more how everything works, that way we could have been more proactive, instead of waiting for an outcome, then figuring out the next step.

That’s why I’ve built this FREE guide for you, with all of my trying to conceive tips. Inside, you’ll learn my top 12 tips to Navigating Your Pregnancy Roadmap.

This Guide Is For:

  • Women who want to conceive in the near future

  • Those who have experienced fertility challenges in the past but would like to optimize their health for conception

  • Women who don’t have fertility challenges but would like to prime their bodies for conception

  • Those planning for their first child

  • Those planning for child #2, #3, #4 & so on

Inside You'll Learn:

  • Top 12 tips to navigating your pregnancy roadmap

  • Clarity on what to eat: trying to conceive diet

  • Clarity on how to workout: trying to conceive fitness

  • Clarity on how to take care of your mind/body

  • Confidence that you are doing everything possible in your control to get pregnant



There’s something so freeing in those words. Knowledge is power. It helps you cope, it motivates you, it gives you a sense of direction, it eases confusion. Understanding your pregnancy journey is so beneficial and these 12 tips will get you to a place of feeling confident, strong & courageous while preparing for one of the most beautiful stages of life, procreation. 

Trying to Conceive Tip #3: Find clarity in your actions when it comes to what foods you should be eating when trying to conceive, what workouts you can do, medical history, family history, what to ask your doctor, etc. Knowledge is power.

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Stay #strongandcourageous & baby dust to you!

<3 Ash

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