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FITMAS Day 1: Create the life you love on your terms

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Hi, my name is Ashley Legg. I’m the Founder of Legg Day Fitness, speaker (most recently TEDxOU), I’ve been featured in Forbes as a Top Female Entrepreneur & I’m a former TV reporter turned life artist and healer. My focus is helping people reach their health/life goals, to connect fearlessly & to share selflessly, hashtag #PostWithPurpose

I’m so excited to launch FITMAS! It’s time to create the life you love with self care, mindful eating, movement and passion for life. For the next 12 days leading up to Christmas, my goal is to inspire you to become your life artist, making your health and happiness top priority. When you feel good inside and out, that reflects every aspect of your life and you show up as a better human; to yourself, in relationships, home life, work life, as a member of your community and beyond. So let’s take back control and strive to be the best person you can be for yourself and others in it! Before we get to the juicy topics that will be covered soon, I wanted to encourage you to take 11 minutes and 39 seconds to watch my recent TEDxOU talk. 

This TEDx talk is at the top of one of the most rewarding moments of my life, but also one of the scariest. For those who have been with me for the long haul and even new supporters, you know I live out loud, wear my heart on my sleeve and let you all into the happiest, hardest and darkest times in my life.

I'm an oversharer. I capture moments in time. I love to document life. I know this stems from being a journalist, having reported on thousands of stories, a forever story teller. It’s fascinating. How much do you expose about your life? Sharing what you ate this morning, your latest outfit, travel snapshots, or pics of you cuddling your fur babies? I can see some of you nodding yes behind the screen :) In this talk I opened up about leaving behind my former television career, becoming an entrepreneur, moving from extreme dieting to sustainable living, my husband and I's infertility journey and all the lessons learned along the way.

Through sharing my life's hardships and adventures, I'm encouraging you to step outside your comfort zone and to post with purpose. In the talk I break down three specific steps on how to connect, build an online tribe and create a lasting impact. What you post matters and whether you know it or not, someone is watching, meaning you have the opportunity to influence others in a positive and powerful way. Through oversharing online, you never know whose life you could impact, the quality relationships you can build or what opportunities are out there, just waiting to knock on your door. You are capable of so much. Vulnerability is not weakness, vulnerability is courageous. The world deserves to see you and your authentic self #postwithapurpose 

Here’s what you have to look forward to…

  • Day 2: Mindful eating, we’ll learn how to balance nutritious foods, talk meal prep, eating out tips and more to ultimately feel good from the inside, out

  • Day 3: The importance of movement for endorphins and a healthy heart

  • Day 4: Tips to maintain healthy relationships

  • Day 5: SEX, diving deep into the importance of intimacy

  • Day 6: Stereotypes and forming judgments on the basis of appearances

  • Day 7: How having a self care routine can change your life

  • Day 8: Surprise hot topic that YOU voted on

  • Day 9: Financial health, why it’s important to invest in your health and to become a world class saver

  • Day 10: Talking miracles and the challenges many face trying to conceive

  • Day 11: The importance of making YOU time AKA play time

  • Day 12: Have the chance to work with me in 2020

So here’s the deal! Content will be released daily on my website Plus I’ll be popping on live on my social platforms to elaborate more, so keep an eye out on my IG main page posts, stories, live video, link in bio, Facebook, Pinterest and more!

I also have an active GROUP CHAT on Instagram called Legg Day Fitmas!  If you have a hard time finding the group, you can access it in my stories. I encourage you to join in on the conversation and interact with my awesome online tribe as we navigate through LIFE and the HOLIDAYS.

My goal for FITMAS is to inspire, motivate and ignite a passion in you to be proactive with your health mentally & physically so we can go into 2020 with clear minds and healthy bodies!


Check out all of the 12-days of FITMAS!

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