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FITMAS Day 4: Tips to maintain healthy relationships

Real talk. In order to maintain healthy relationships, you have to have a secure and healthy one with yourself! You are your biggest and longest commitment. In order to love others, you have to love yourself. Treat yourself as you would others. This is the real thing and it takes work, the deep rooted work that comes from showing up for yourself every single day, no matter how hard life can be at times.

I was talking with a client recently about how to balance everything from home life, work life, relationships, goals, self love. It's a constant juggle. Often times we're never going to feel completely align because we're not always in control of outside forces. However, you can control your reactions to every situation you're faced with. We are all a constant work in progress, many of us striving to seek fulfillment on the regular. Some days will be shiny and bright, others dull and dark. Those hard days allow you to appreciate the memorable ones.

I'm going to be honest with you guys. The past three years have been my hardest yet. My husband and I suffered three miscarriages in 2018 after a year of trying to conceive. This year we've had multiple failed fertility treatments and more than half the year my body has been pumped with hormones taking over physically and emotionally. I have never felt so out of place in my skin and out of tune with my emotions. My saving grace has come from self love and self care.

  • I constantly read self help books

  • I practice daily gratitude

  • I meditate often

  • I spend quality time with loved ones

  • I do things that make me happy

  • I love helping others

  • I show up for myself every single day, even on the hard ones

Making the effort for all those points above isn't always easy, sometimes it feels like there aren't enough hours in the day to make it happen. BUT, I can tell a major difference when I commit myself versus avoiding the deep inner work. At the end of the day, it's YOU versus YOU. Commit yourself to constant self improvement.

This inner sense of peace and love will then spill into your relationships and you will be a better friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, fiance, spouse, employee, dog mommy or daddy, etc. 


Check out this blog digging deep into a life transformation I experienced that ultimately saved my relationship with my now Husband.

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