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FITMAS Day 5: SEX, diving deep into the importance of intimacy


This has been a major focus in Ryan & I's relationship this year and it's more important than you may think to maintain, it takes work. Some of the main reasons I'm so passionate about living a healthy lifestyle is to feel good inside & out, for endorphins & to connect with my partner. We met at the gym, so there's this sweat together, stay together vibe.

Being healthy not only benefits you, your health, mental well-being (endorphins) but also when it comes to intimacy in your relationship! Or any relationship for that matter. And I will tell you the TOP 3 REASONS WHY!

1. CONFIDENCE: When you treat your body well, eat nutritious food, workout for endorphins, you feel good. And when you feel good, you feel sexier, confident, comfortable in your own skin. That confidence then moves into your relationships!

2. MAXIMIZES ENERGY OUTPUT: When you workout with your partner or a friend, you push each other and hold each other accountable. You want to be strong, just like if someone was filming you doing an exercise, you want to look good, so you perk up and do it right rather than sloppy/bad form.

3. REDUCES STRESS: Physical activity reduces stress—and stress is a mood killer.

Stress causes your body to produce more of the hormone cortisol, which over time can cause you to gain weight and decrease your interest in intimacy. So next time you workout or cook a healthy meal, think beyond just the physical/mental transformation, a healthy lifestyle can literally improve your relationships!

P.s. These pics are from our engagement shoot back in 2015. Part of it was at the gym since that's where our love story started. We met in Oklahoma City  at CrossFit Native after we both had moved there for our jobs. It was fate. We're swolemates for life.

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