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FITMAS Day 10: Talking miracles and the challenges many face trying to conceive

Thankful for life’s lessons because they have made me more wise.

My hardest lessons yet have stemmed from my husband and I’s trying to conceive journey. We have been trying to get pregnant for three years. We did get pregnant in February of 2018 only to have suffered our first miscarriage. In July, we got pregnant a second time, but lost that baby as well. Then in October, we suffered a chemical pregnancy, which is a very early miscarriage. Although the journey has felt brutal at times, we have found strength and comfort through sharing our fertility struggles. Why? How? Because sharing something so personal has allowed us to connect with families all over the world who have or who are facing a similar battle. We no longer feel alone or like outsiders. We never realized how common miscarriages/infertility issues were until we spoke up. The moment we did, we felt an overwhelming sense of relief and hope and now have meaningful conversations every single day with unexpected people, even strangers!

Facing infertility, miscarriages, trying to conceive after miscarriages and undergoing multiple failed fertility treatments have rocked our world in a complicated way, but there are blessings in every setback.

Here’s what we've learned…

Patience-The trying to conceive process is a lot of hurry up & wait

Opportunity-We have access to incredible treatment & have insurance to help us through. Our fertility specialists are baby making pros and their #1 goal is to help get us pregnant

Openness-I never thought I'd be having public convos about periods, sperm, relations (still struggle with saying the "s" word haha) 

Compromise-If my husband & I can get through this, we can get through anything

Connection-Sharing our story has connected us with so many women and families have offered us so much strength, hope & encouragement

Whether you are struggling to get pregnant, have suffered loss or are just starting your journey, please know there are so many resources out there for support. Sometimes you just have to have the courage to ask. There is also a strong community of families out there trying to conceive who understand what you’re going through and can offer you encouragement, strength and hope.

Sending you all the baby dust vibes! Check out all of our infertility videos on YOUTUBE below!

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