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Updated: 3rd Trimester Musts

3rd trimester, so close to the finish, yet so far away!

This is where the weight of the baby, all the fluid and heaviness of a day's worth of eating and drinking water kicked in and I started to feel super uncomfortable at the end of the day. It’s crazy because at the start of the day I felt lighter, mobile, able bodied but once later afternoon/early evening hit, I was wobbling and needed my husband to help me get off the couch. It was bizarre. It makes sense though because in the 3rd trimester typically the baby moves their way head down and the belly drops preparing for birth. Some of the highlights of the 3rd tri included feeling the baby hiccup for the first time, I experienced big rolling movements and felt such a strong connection to our growing baby knowing I would meet our miracle soon.

To sum up pregnancy trimesters...

  1. Tired and sick

  2. Oh, baby kicks and energy boost

  3. Get this baby out

The 3rd was all about growing with the bump, being comfortable and relaxing as much as possible! In addition to the 1st and 2nd trimester musts, here’s a few other things that helped me get through the homestretch.

Enjoy! <3 Ashley

3rd Trimester Must Haves
Download PDF • 3.23MB

8 Sheep magnesium sleep lotion: Pregnancy insomnia really kicked in during the end of pregnancy, I swear it’s preparing for lack of sleep once your baby arrives. One of my girlfriends recommended this sleepy lotion made with simple ingredients and essential oils. My husband would rub on my feet and shoulders and it always worked like a charm.

Stretch marks cream: This stuff is amazing. I was very lucky not to experience stretch marks with pregnancy number one. I used this on my boobs, stomach, butt, and the back of my legs daily. It's so smooth, hydrating, and smells delightful.

Heating pad: This is a back ache savior. It alleviates so much pain. I use it daily when I'm working and relaxing.

Wedge pillow: This pillow is great to help ease lower back pain as well. I use it while working at my desk, in the car if I have to drive a long distance, or while lying on the couch watching TV.

Water jug: This 40 oz container holds me accountable to drink at least 80 ounces of water per day. Staying hydrated is so important for pregnancy and I'll never forget when my doctor told me it prevents pre-term labor.

Lip and nipple cream: The Baby Mama Must Haves are great. I especially love the belly oil and the nipple/lip balm, keeps things nice and smooth.

Hands free shoes: These were so much more convenient than expected. Not only are they cute and match everything, they are efficient in the gym. There were so many times I was heading out the door fast and I was just able to slip my tennis on. Shop Kiziks here.

House slippers: My house slippers are so helpful to cushion the feet and joints as I have a hard surfaced first floor.

Gradual self tanner: This is one of those extra things that just helped me feel better. I always feel a little brighter with a glow to my skin. This gradual self tanner is the best. Not streaky and looks so natural. Shop self tanner here.

OLIPOP: I had a major pop craving during pregnancy. These "healthier" alternatives are made with plant fiber and prebiotics to support digestive health. They have so many flavors that are a flashback from childhood too. Such a refreshing and fizzy treat. My favorite flavors are Tropical Fruit Punch, Ginger Lemon, Root Beer, and Cream Soda. Shop here!

Siete chips: Another craving, chips! I craved all kinds from salty to spicy. Siete Foods is a great chip alternative with wholesome ingredients that don't sacrifice the flavor. I love the spicy fuego, sea salt vinegar, and regular tortilla chips. Shop products here.

Hope you enjoyed my 3rd trimester recommendations. I have more ideas in my 1st and 2nd trimester blogs too. Sending you love, courage, and strength as you navigate your pregnancy!

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