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FITMAS Day 7: How having a self care routine can change your life

It's time to talk about those two gifts you get to open every morning, those eyes!

It's so easy to forget how fortunate we are to wake up everyday but if you have experienced hardships and/or loss in your life, you know just how sacred everyday is. I love to remind people in my community to start everyday with intention, a grateful heart and to create your version of a “morning routine or morning ritual.”

This is important because “you time” helps you serve from a full cup, not a half or empty one. Even if it’s 5 minutes a day, starting your day on your terms and not on others (AKA email, text messages, social media) is a simple priority with MASSIVE REWARDS.

For me, expressing gratitude and setting my daily intentions nearly every morning allows me to appreciate what I do have in life, not what I don’t have  (baby Legg, yet). Being thankful for the simple and big things have allowed me to show up as a better coach, personal trainer, wife, friend, colleague, dog mom, the list goes on and on. This intimate “you time” can actually help aid your health & fitness goals too.

How? Why? Because, being grateful opens your eyes to the beauty of life, which makes you smile, leaves you feeling happier throughout the day, which then in return reflects the positive decisions you make, how you treat yourself, others, perform at work, etc. It's one POSITIVE CYCLE that keeps on giving.

I know we are all BUSY BEES, but you have the opportunity to make time!

Plan to succeed. For example: set that alarm clock 5-10 minutes early just to give yourself "YOU" time, to allow yourself to ease into your day.

If that’s not possible, start super simple by expressing three things you’re grateful while washing your hair or scrubbing your body in the shower or while brushing your teeth.

I promise, if you truly practice this, you will experience the rewards of feeling more at peace, happier, loving and appreciative.

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