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FITMAS Day 8: Surprise hot topic that YOU voted on, SOCIAL MEDIA ILLUSIONS

Social media illusions, man is this topic more relevant than ever. We are living in a time where social media is one of the first things we consume in the morning. We scroll and scroll and like other humans content from pics of their food, to their outfits, travels, fur babies, you name it, our personal lives are out there. Sometimes you may find yourself questioning someone's actions or even judging them for “what they posted” or “how they look.” Or you may fall into the comparison trap, which is not a fun place to be.

I strongly believe social media is a great platform to connect with people, but with it’s pros there are also cons. I have witnessed many girls/young women/even adults who are captivated by influencers because every picture appears to be perfect. I have been guilty of this too.  Perfect angles, amazing lighting, trendy outfits, flawless skin, what appears to be the ideal relationship. But what some people don't understand is what's on social media is a "highlight reel." Most of the time, all you see is the good stuff! I wish users were more aware of that. That’s why I encourage you to be human, to not strive to be perfect, to allow yourself to go through the ups and downs, facing peaks and valleys, ebbing and flowing through each experience, facing adversity, exposing struggles, overcoming battles and celebrating successes.

While we live in a visual world, I would like to see the platform go beyond just the pictures and more into the captions to dig deep, inspire, empower, educate and impact. Pairing images with value gives some insight on the character of the person, what their values are, what they stand for.

What you share on social media matters, whether you know it or not, whether you have 100 followers or 1000 followers, someone is watching. So sharing your life and experiences with INTENTION and AUTHENTICITY is what's going to create impact. You never know who you could reach or help by being honest, genuine, YOU.

We are all going through life together and we connect over these experiences. Let's lean on each other. Let's support each other. Let's cheer each other on. The world deserves to see you. Free of judgement. No one is you and THAT is your SUPERPOWER!

Personally, I'm an oversharer on social media. I capture moments in time. I love to document life. I know this stems from being a journalist, having reported on thousands of stories, a forever story teller. It’s fascinating. Through sharing my life's hardships and adventures, I'm encouraging you to step outside your comfort zone and to post with purpose. I cover this in my most recent TEDxOU talk where I break down three specific steps on how to connect, build an online tribe and create a lasting impact. What you post matters and whether you know it or not, someone is watching, meaning you have the opportunity to influence others in a positive and powerful way. Through oversharing online, you never know whose life you could impact, the quality relationships you can build or what opportunities are out there, just waiting to knock on your door. You are capable of so much. Vulnerability is not weakness, vulnerability is courageous. The world deserves to see you and your authentic self #postwithapurpose 

Here are a couple articles that stood out to me about this topic…


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